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A company built by The Real Estate Robinsons, with the goal of helping our clients passively invest in real estate by offering unique vacation experiences.

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Compared to other real estate investments, short term rentals offer stronger cash on cash returns.


We focus on purchasing in highly desirable markets where tourism is an integral part of the local economy. Not only does this mean that our properties will appreciate over time, but the local governments are accepting and supportive of the short term rentals in their city.


The typical time needed to make a short term rental "rent ready" is far shorter than a long term rental. Our properties typically generate revenue within the first few weeks of ownership.


We Find The Deal

We scour our target markets to find deals that meet our rigorous standards (we say NO much more often than we say YES). Once we find a deal that we love, we'll present it to the folks who have expressed interest in partnering with us.

We Manage the Property

The Alpha Geek team will manage the day to day operations with focus on driving revenue, decreasing expenses, and ultimately providing strong returns to our investors.

We Distribute Profits

We all invest because we want CASH FLOW! And because of this, we distribute profits to our partners on a monthly or quarterly basis (depending on the asset).

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The Investment Process

We want to be as transparent as possible about how our investment opportunities work.


Investor Questionnaire

The first step in building our partnership is for us to get to know each other! You'll fill out a brief questionnaire that helps our team better understand who you are as an investor, what your goals are, and whether or not investing with us is the right decision for you.


Investor Strategy Session

This is a one-on-one call with our team, where we take "getting to know each" other a step further. It's an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about our team, our process, and our goals. And we'll ask you a few questions to make sure you're a good fit to invest with us as well.



We open up investment opportunities a few times a year. When that happens, we'll present that opportunity to folks that've expressed an interest in working with us. Then, on a first come first serve basis, spots in that offering will fill until we're fully subscribed!


Property Selection

Once the offering closes, we begin to identify, purchase, rehab and operate properties that meet our strict buying criteria.



As the properties are stabilized, we get to the fun part! And that's where we start sending distributions to all of our investors :)

Our Team

Tony J. Robinson

Founder & CEO

Tony Robinson is well known in the world of real estate investing as the host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Rookie podcast (over 2 million downloads). After starting his investment career by purchasing single-family homes as long term rentals, he found the tremendous opportunity that short term rentals provide, and has since focused 100% of his efforts on growing that part of his business.


Sara Robinson


Sara is the Queen of GSD! She manages all of the Alpha Geek Capital rehabs and splits operational duties with Omid.

There's no task that's too big or too small for her tackle.

She's also a YouTuber alongside Tony on their channel, The Real Estate Robinsons.


Xavier Marin

Chief Operating Officer

Xavier is a Top Fortune 50 senior executive and operational management expert. He has led and managed multimillion-dollar projects and budgets within his organization. He is an active real estate investor and his portfolio consists of long-term and short-term rentals.


Olivia Tati


Olivia kickstarted her career in real estate as a residential agent, swiftly establishing herself as a prominent figure within the local community. She has a natural talent for connecting with people and forming strong relationships.

Olivia has now transitioned into real estate investing, and her portfolio includes a mix of short-term and medium-term rentals. She's also an interior designer and a YouTuber, sharing her creative ideas and tips with her followers.



We're on a mission to help investors, just like you, add short term rentals to their investment portfolio. If you're ready to learn more about investing with our team, click the button below.

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